is it a match?

No one knows better than Pernod Ricard’s insiders

It’s a rare occurrence. It only comes around every 2 years. More than 14,000 people take part.
They have one thing in common—they are all Pernod Ricard insiders, taken from across the world. They’ve taken the time to reply to an independent HR survey conducted by Willis Towers Watson. Now the results are in and we’re going to share them with you…



quality time spent with friends


Our tagline "Créateurs de convivialité" is a state of mind shared by everyone who works here

86 %
of employees believe convivialité is a reality at Pernod Ricard
83 %
think it’s a pleasure to work at Pernod Ricard


Doing the splits on water‑skis


Pernod Ricard is committed to providing an agile and constructive organization for everyone who works here

say the company gives them the right work-life balance


Sir, yes sir!


Pernod Ricard encourages simple and direct relationships across every level of management

88 %
feel autonomous in the work they do
90 %
say their line manager is available when needed

team work

The loneliest place in the world


Pernod Ricard wants to promote a strong team spirit across all our teams

of employees say they get along well with their coworkers


An illusion


Pernod Ricard is committed to responsible consumption, invests in local communities and respects a global environmental roadmap

92 %
of employees believe that the company is socially responsible in its local communities
95 %
fully support Pernod Ricard’s values
of employees are proud to be associated with Pernod Ricard
act as Pernod Ricard ambassadors

so, is it match or not? Check out our ‘I say’ video